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Jerry Rees, the multi-talented director/writer/artist returns to The Disney Project Podcast to give us an update on what he's currently working on, but more importantly to tell us what it was like to work with Robin Williams on the 1989 Disney Park short Back to Neverland. Jerry's memories of Robin are priceless, and a great tribute to the talent we lost too soon.

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@Epcot_Prime had bigger fish to fry this month, so Keith, Jeff, and @EPCOTExplorer forge ahead and focus on Disney California Adventure this time around. The three friends discuss DCA 1.0 and 2.0, and offer their opinions on how things were, how they are now, and how they should be! 

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This month we're joined by Estelle Hallick from This Happy Place Blog, as she shares some of her Muppet love and expertise with us. Jeff Heimbuch got lost on his way home on the day of recording, so it's just Keith and Estelle chatting about the film Muppets Most Wanted, the excellent advertising campaigns the Muppets seem to find themselves in, and their current and future presence in the Disney Parks.

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Twitter darlings and all-around great guys @EPCOTExplorer and @Epcot_Prime return to join Keith and Jeff in discussing a little-known theme park in Anaheim, California. The four friends each have varying degrees of experience with Disneyland, from total newbie to "lifelong visitor". They have a blast sharing their viewpoints with one another, as well as you! Part 1 of 2.

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A few months ago, when the film Escape From Tomorrow was still kind of relevant, four friends decided via Twitter to chat about the film in an episode of this podcast. Corralling said four friends took a little longer than planned. Beloved Twitter celebrities @EPCOTExplorer and @Epcot_Prime join Keith and Jeff for a very fun discussion on the controversial "film", and even share their theories on just what the heck it was about.

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Keith and Jeff had a topic all planned out for episode 13, but since it became pushed back a month, they decided to chat about Keith's recent Walt Disney World trip instead. Jeff asks Keith about the 2013 Wine and Dine Half Marathon, and Keith tells Jeff all about the day when the Carousel of Progress was closed for the filming of Brad Bird's Tomorrowland. The two also chat about the newly-released Maleficent trailer, and a few other tidbits.

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Friend of The Disney Project Jeff Heimbuch returns to debate an interesting topic: would an actual "Yesterland Park" work? Keith and Jeff discuss the pros and cons of creating an entire Disney Park consisting of both extinct and never-realized attractions, while also offering up a practical solution for Disney's current theme parks.

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It's the one-year anniversary of The Disney Project Podcast! Just like last September, this time we talk about the Disneyland Half Marathon, only this time Keith actually ran it. Keith's friend Ashley Petretti of is this month's guest, and the two share their thoughts on this year's race, as well as the current state of runDisney. And just like our last runDisney episode, a special guest manages to make an appearance.

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Disney author and historian David Lesjak joins the fun this month to talk about just some of the many projects he's involved in. From his recently released e-book Service with Character, to upcoming projects like a book on Disney's Hyperion Studio days, David shares his vast knowledge of early Disney history.

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Jerry returns to wrap up the wonderfully successful Jerry Rees month over at The Disney Project. This time the topic is a little film he directed called CinéMagique, which just so happens to be the best in-park film Disney has ever done. In episode 8, Keith (maybe the world's biggest CinéMagique fan) challenged Jerry to stump him with some trivia questions about the film. Jerry comes prepared, with a full "baker's dozen" of questions, ready to give Keith a run for his money.

This is a podcast no CinéMagique fan should miss!

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