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Keith and Jeff had a topic all planned out for episode 13, but since it became pushed back a month, they decided to chat about Keith's recent Walt Disney World trip instead. Jeff asks Keith about the 2013 Wine and Dine Half Marathon, and Keith tells Jeff all about the day when the Carousel of Progress was closed for the filming of Brad Bird's Tomorrowland. The two also chat about the newly-released Maleficent trailer, and a few other tidbits.

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Friend of The Disney Project Jeff Heimbuch returns to debate an interesting topic: would an actual "Yesterland Park" work? Keith and Jeff discuss the pros and cons of creating an entire Disney Park consisting of both extinct and never-realized attractions, while also offering up a practical solution for Disney's current theme parks.

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It's the one-year anniversary of The Disney Project Podcast! Just like last September, this time we talk about the Disneyland Half Marathon, only this time Keith actually ran it. Keith's friend Ashley Petretti of is this month's guest, and the two share their thoughts on this year's race, as well as the current state of runDisney. And just like our last runDisney episode, a special guest manages to make an appearance.

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Episode 10: Service with Character

Disney author and historian David Lesjak joins the fun this month to talk about just some of the many projects he's involved in. From his recently released e-book Service with Character, to upcoming projects like a book on Disney's Hyperion Studio days, David shares his vast knowledge of early Disney history.

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Episode 9: CineMagique

Jerry returns to wrap up the wonderfully successful Jerry Rees month over at The Disney Project. This time the topic is a little film he directed called CinéMagique, which just so happens to be the best in-park film Disney has ever done. In episode 8, Keith (maybe the world's biggest CinéMagique fan) challenged Jerry to stump him with some trivia questions about the film. Jerry comes prepared, with a full "baker's dozen" of questions, ready to give Keith a run for his money.

This is a podcast no CinéMagique fan should miss!

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Episode 8.5: Mystic Manor

Bonus episode! Jerry Rees returns to Jerry Rees month and talks about some of the processes he worked on when called in to help with Mystic Manor in Hong Kong Disneyland.

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Episode 8: Welcome to Jerry Rees Month

Jerry Rees Month begins in earnest, as director/writer/artist Jerry Rees joins Keith to talk about just some of the many projects he's done for Disney. In this episode Jerry talks about the original TRON, The First 50 Magical Years (starring Steve Martin), and the updated O' Canada film in Epcot. He also gives us a little teaser as to what he's working on now that will debut in a Disney park in 2015. 

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Episode 7: The Secret Tour of Disneyland

Keith is joined by John and Lauren Delmont, the father/daughter team that produced the wonderful video "The Secret Tour of Disneyland." The two talk about what went into making the video, some cool behind-the-scenes stories, and some of their Disney favorites.

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In the category of short and sweet, Keith chats with legendary producer Don Hahn (Beauty and the Beast, The Lion King) about just some of his many interesting experiences working with The Walt Disney Company.

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Episode 5: A Podcast, Within a Podcast, Within a Podcast

For this episode Keith is joined by the marvelous Jeff Heimbuch and George Taylor from Communicore Weekly, the greatest online show. After a few "interesting moments" early on, the three men chat about life, love, and Disney. Well, mostly Disney.

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Keith talks to his friend Katherine, who also happens to be a fellow runner and a very active member of They share their experiences running the 2013 Walt Disney World Marathon (their first ever full), and during their chat a surprise guest finds a way to join the discussion.

For a written recap of the race, please check out The Disney Project: My First Marathon.

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